Vases (5)

C6A358 $62.00

Black/turquoise green tubular semi-circle vase, pedestal feet.  2 openings, 8.25"H x 12"L x 1.75"W.

C6A367 $68.00

Oblong 17.25"L x 3"W x 2.5"H trench vase, speckled shades of grey, sandy texture.

C6A331 $60.00

Compote, cocoa brown, sandy-satin finish, beige etched lines.  7"H x 6.5"D.

C6A428 $48.00

Vase Cube 5.25"SQ Black with Blue.

C6A390 $70.00

Frosted white texture cascades into the metallic green, brown, silver and gold octagon vase.  10"H x 3"D.

C6A356 $63.00

Glossy black, twisted "U" shape, 11"L x 2"W x 6.25"H.  Jagged white line accents.