Vases (1)

C6A425 $76.00

C6A379 $74.00

C6Y124 $46.00

C6A350 $72.00

Textured shades of yellow, oval.  12"L x 3"W x 8.25"H, semi-gloss finish.  Off-center opening measures 4" x 5".  Upright or flat.

C6A386 $52.00

C6Y123 $44.00 Suiban vase, Scalloped, Blue

C6A381 $70.00 Cream, clay speckles, 5-sided box shape, green accents. Stump style feet.

C6A314 $68.00 5.5" Tilted cube with jagged opening, dark grn/yellow highlight & interior. Matte finish/glossy highlights. Stand on side to tilt or on bottom.