Vases (2)

C6A363 $72.00

Brown & rust with glossy spot-highlights.  2 openings. 

C6A229 $78.00

Matte finish,multed green-grey.  12"Hx7.5"W.  2 openings at top, each an approxi. 1.25" triangle.

C6A039 $68.00

C6A418 $72.00

Vase Rings 9.75"x 6.5"x 6.75" Rust

C6A409 $72.00

C6A392 $78.00

Earth tones of clay, greens, and browns, varying textures, horizontal ridges.  Bidoro Zundo.

C6A374 $84.00

Rustic style oblong.  Shades of earthy green color with gold veins running through it.